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Spiritual Art Inspired with love…

Spiritual art by Judy Gieselman, is created by her hand but truly directed by Divinity. Through love and intuitive wisdom, each piece is birthed from the greater consciousness, the Oneness, the I AM, to channel energy into art. It is her vision that each of us be inspired to stand in  brilliance, dare to make a difference in this beautiful place we all share, and to commit  to living a good and healthy life.

Spiritual growth happens one day at a time and is best achieved in quiet moments, when the spirit can be heard and when everything else is silent. Within your capacity lies all that you desire, and it is with great hope that the art pieces created here will assist you in opening your heart and mind to all possibility. May it make you smile, may it set your standards a little higher on the bar of joy, and perhaps open passion and fantasy a wee bit more. After all, we are here to have play as well as to have purpose and to further your journey in the gathering of peace.

Dreams do come true, and with love and gratitude, the mysteries of the soul show up.  “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

By renewing the mind and shifting into one’s full potential, we find ourselves amidst the splendid colors and textures of an inspired soul filled world.

To visualize, is to be empowered.
To feel it’s victory, is to succeed.
Enjoy one of life’s treasures … imagination.

In love and light,



  • Welcome
  • Love
  • Tiled in Love
    Tiled in Love
  • Holiday Ready
    Holiday Ready
  • Storm Coming In
    Storm Coming In
  • Heart Flame For You
    Heart Flame For You
  • Lady of the Lake in Blues
    Lady of the Lake in Blues
  • Marbled Garden
    Marbled Garden
  • Bugle Call
    Bugle Call
  • Bird Song
    Bird Song
  • Flowers in Flight
    Flowers in Flight
  • Jacaranda Tree
    Jacaranda Tree
  • Of Quiet Mind
    Of Quiet Mind
  • Heart Stone Gallery
    Heart Stone Gallery
  • A New Nest
    A New Nest
  • Never Give Up on Dreams
    Never Give Up on Dreams
  • Safe Harbour
    Safe Harbour
  • G is for Gratitude
    G is for Gratitude
  • Morning Prayers
    Morning Prayers
  • His Trunk and Tree
    His Trunk and Tree
  • Brilliant Brain
    Brilliant Brain
  • Butterfly over House
    Butterfly over House
  • Pink is for Beauty
    Pink is for Beauty
  • As Above So Below
    As Above So Below