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1697419Channel Energy Art

Judy Gieselman focuses on spiritual art and is a spiritual interpreter for channel energy art. She is a self taught graphic artist, a graduated medium since 1981 from The Patricia Hayes School of Healing and Metaphysics, and a visionary who lives in Jasper, Alberta. Through miracle and dream work, this seeker of truth and beauty is passionate to share her blessings with others through intuitive art.

Always drawn toward the highest of vibration, Judy’s passion is to stamp a new pattern of art upon this world while she levels and integrates various modalities of healing energies into each piece of art. Gathered through a life of travel, vision, prayer and gratitude, her aim is to bring to life the Power and Presence of the Divine through each piece she interprets.

There is magic in each and every one of us that is waiting to be brought forward. Would you like to see what that may look like for you? Perhaps a spark of interest will lead you to the door of HeartStone Solutions for an intuitive consultation into the making of a Soul Print…this her favored thing to do.